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ESPID Case Rounds have been running since 2008. All ESPID members are welcome to participate. ESPID Case Rounds run every month and each one lasts one week.

A tutor will introduce a real clinical case and guide the you through discussion of the case. You can ask questions and give comments and even share relevant educational materials. 
​The main purpose is not to "resolve the case" but to learn and discuss. 

ESPID Case Rounds are a great opportunity to learn from real cases and interact with colleagues worldwide. 

The ESPID case rounds enable you to hone your diagnostic skills for clinically challenging infection cases.

ESPID Case Rounds are for all ESPID members.

December 2019 | Just a(nother) newborn with late onset sepsis?
November 2019 | The septic child - how far should we search for a host abnormality?
Case Round
October 2019 | Fever with red and tender feet
September 2019 | Subacute presentation - if you don´t suspect you delay the diagnosis
June 2019 | Recurrent chest infections in a 4-year-old girl
May 2019 | Always think outside the box - An incomplete puzzle
April 2019 | Rural boy with prolonged fever
March 2019 | Α five year old boy with a 2 week history of fever and intermittent abdominal pain
February 2019 | Hemiplegia, battered child, or just an unusual infection in a newborn?
January 2019 | Microbes from the Mekong?
December 2018 | Debilitating lethargy in a teenage girl
November 2018 | A girl with fever, lethargy and a history of congenital heart disease
October 2018 | A diagnostic challenge: chronic manifestation of an acute disease
September 2018 | A 2 year old boy with abdominal pain and eosinophilia
August 2018 | Meningitis in a child with leukemia and varicella rash
June 2018 | Antimicrobials don’t keep the wolves at bay…

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