ESPID Case Rounds | 2020
ESPID Education, Sheldon Kaplan, 287795
Antibiotics Management Course
ESPID Education, Course Faculty, 287231
December 2019 | Just a(nother) newborn with late onset sepsis?
ESPID Education, Michael Buettcher, 287025
December 2019 | The clinical utility of the BIOFIRE® FILMARRAY® Meningitis/Encephalitis (ME) Multiplex PCR Panel
ESPID Education, Session Speakers, 272271
November 2019 | The septic child - how far should we search for a host abnormality?
ESPID Education, Mary Boullier, 286357
November 2019 | Parenteral Antibiotic Therapy Duration in Young Infants with Bacteremic Urinary Tract Infections
ESPID Education, Session Speakers, 278026
October 2019 | Fever with red and tender feet
ESPID Education, Jonathan Sturgeon, 285088
October 2019 | Prevalence of immunodeficiency in children with invasive pneumococcal disease in the pneumococcal vaccine era: a systematic review
ESPID Education, Session Speakers, 278025
September 2019 | Subacute presentation - if you don´t suspect you delay the diagnosis
ESPID Education, Rita Cardona, 281626
September 2019 | Co-trimoxazole or multivitamin multimineral supplement for post-discharge outcomes after severe anaemia in African children: a randomised controlled trial
ESPID Education, Session Speakers, 278024
August 2019 | Long-term vaccine impact on invasive pneumococcal disease among children with significant comorbidities in a large Australian birth cohort
ESPID Education, Session Speakers, 278023
July 2019 | Excluding clinically significant bacteremia by 24 hours in otherwise well febrile children younger than 16 years
ESPID Education, Session Speakers, 278022
ESPID Case Round - June 2019
ESPID Education, Ceri Evans, 273657
June 2019 | A clinical prediction rule to identify febrile infants 60 days and younger at low risk for serious bacterial infections
ESPID Education, Session Speakers, 278021
ESPID Case Round: May 2019
ESPID Education, Raluca Lixandru, 272237
Infection or inflammation - how can we make diagnosis more rapidly?
ESPID Education, Jethro Herberg, 263155
Paediatric autoimmune encephalitis
ESPID Education, Thais Armangue, 263156
The diagnostic value of fdg-pet/ct in the assessment of infection or inflammatory disease in children
ESPID Education, Virginie Frings, 263157
Comparison of henoch schonlein purpura and kawasaki disease using whole blood gene expression profiling
ESPID Education, Priyen Shah, 263159
Fungal infections in pediatric patients
ESPID Education, Thomas Lehrnbecher, 263160
Prophylaxis of febrile neutropenia - is it worth it?
ESPID Education, Elio Castagnola, 263161
Blood stream infections (bsi) caused by candida spp in a reference center for pediatric oncology in latin america: epidemiology and associated factors
ESPID Education, Adriana Silva, 263163
Maternal immunisation: opportunities and challenges
ESPID Education, Philipp Lambach, 263165
A new ECDC-EU NITAG project - assessing evidence jointly
ESPID Education, Kari Johansen, 263166
Development of a novel 10-valent PCV - pivotal Phase 3 results from The Gambia
ESPID Education, Ed Clarke, 263167
Reasons of delayed vaccination against measles
ESPID Education, Evangelia Dardamani, 263168
Building resilient public trust in vaccination: the international pediatric association (ipa) vaccine hesitancy master trainer program
ESPID Education, Naveen Thacker, 263170
Impact of mandatory vaccination extension on infant vaccine coverages in france
ESPID Education, Robert Cohen, 263171
New ways of doing clinical trials in infectious diseases
ESPID Education, Diana Gibb, 263149
How do we learn what works?: Causal Inference from Observational Studies when Randomized Trials are not available
ESPID Education, Miguel Hernan, 263150
Application of microsampling to facilitate clinical pharmacokinetic studies of antibiotics in critically ill paediatric patients
ESPID Education, Suzanne Parker, 263152
Viruses are hotter than ever
ESPID Education, Terho Heikkinen, 263148
Should we drain pleural effusions in children with complicated pneumonia?
ESPID Education, Dr. Helen Groves & Claire Waterson, 272306
Should we look for Mycoplasma in children with pneumonia?
ESPID Education, Patrick Meyer Sauteur & Jasna Rodman Berlot, 272305
Meningococcal protein vaccines - where next?
ESPID Education, Shamez Ladhani, 263125
What has the South Australia Carriage Study taught us?
ESPID Education, Helen Marshall, 263126
Antibody persistence up to 10 years after menacwy-tt vaccine administration and immunogenicity of a booster dose in adolescents and young adults
ESPID Education, Paula Peyrani, 263127
Antibody persistence up to 26 months after booster dosing in adolescents 4 years following a 2- and 3-dose primary vaccination series of menb-fhbp
ESPID Education, Jason D. Maguire, 263128
Meningococcus protein-antigen vaccines' effects on carriage and transmission - are we asking the right questions?
ESPID Education, Adam Finn, 263129
4cmenb, a multicomponent meningococcal vaccine developed for serogroup b meningococci elicits cross-reactive immunity also against serogroups c, w and y
ESPID Education, Mariagrazia Pizza, 263130
How to approach a child with a suspected PID
ESPID Education, Isabelle Meyts, 263131
Inborn errors predisposing to vial encephalitis
ESPID Education, Shen-Ying Zhang, 263132
Disseminated bacillus-calmette-guerin infection and primary immunodeficiency disorders: a 15-year retrospective review
ESPID Education, Rina Yue Ling Ong, 263133
Waning immunity against streptococcus pneumoniae, pertussis, and tetanus in children treated for acute lymphoblastic leukemia: a canadian immunization research network study
ESPID Education, Karina Top, 263134
Studies into the mechanism of measles-associated immune suppression during a measles outbreak in the netherlands
ESPID Education, Brigitta Marcella Laksono, 263135
Diagnosis of tuberculosis disease in immunocompromised children - a multi-centre paediatric tuberculosis network european trials group (ptbnet) study
ESPID Education, Begoña Santiago García, 263136
Overview of paediatric HAI
ESPID Education, Mike Sharland, 263137
Surveillance and Prevention of CLABSI
ESPID Education, Theoklis Zaoutis, 263138
Surgical site infections
ESPID Education, Julia Bielicki, 263139
Central line-associated bloodstream infections in pediatric hematology units in greece 2016-2018 - impact of an intervention bundle
ESPID Education, Ioannis Kopsidas, 263140
Healthcare-associated infection rates evolution in spanish paediatric intensive care units, from the envin-helics registry.
ESPID Education, E. Fresan Ruiz, 263141
Colonisation and ways of transmission with gram-negative bacteria (gnb) in infants in the neonatal units (nnus) of the south-london neonatal network-the neohiec study
ESPID Education, Christina Kortsalioudaki, 263142
Should we do respiratory viral PCR panels in children with bronchiolitis?
ESPID Education, Dr. Jane Metz & Dr. Lilly Verhagen, 272304
Guidelines YES! To protect your patient and you
ESPID Education, Federico Martinon-Torres, 263117
ESPID Education, Ron Dagan, 263118
I told you! Guidelines are necessary and useful to protect your patient and you!
ESPID Education, Federico Martinon-Torres, 272302
ESPID Education, Ron Dagan, 272303
Using a disease-based registry to review neurodevelopmental progress in congenital cmv-infected children at age 6 months: the european congenital cytomegalovirus initiative (ecci) registry v2.0
ESPID Education, Shari Sapuan, 268341
Bringing the laboratory test to the patients with point-of-care tests
ESPID Education, David Ong, 263096
Diagnostic and prognostic transcriptomics biomarkers in infection
ESPID Education, Myrsini Kaforou, 263097
Targeted metagenomic sequencing of respiratory syncytial virus: a comprehensive method for studying viral genomics and beyond
ESPID Education, Gu-Lung Lin, 263098
Performance of quantiferon-tb plus in the diagnosis of tuberculosis infection in children
ESPID Education, Luisa Galli, 263099
Molecular antimicrobial resistance surveillance for gram negative bacteria in a pediatric intensive care unit (picu)
ESPID Education, Ilias Iosifidis, 263100
Do host genetics determine disease phenotype and outcome from ebola virus disease?
ESPID Education, Nathalie Macdermott, 263101
Influenza B and the rationale for Quadrivalent vaccines
ESPID Education, Ana Mosterin Hopping, 263103
Vaccine effectiveness against H3N2 influenza virus in children
ESPID Education, Edward Belongia, 263104
Influenza and other respiratory vaccines: clinical experience with an mRNA approach
ESPID Education, Lori Panther, 263105
Travel medicine from ID perspective
ESPID Education, Stefan Hagmann, 263106
A single dose of diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccination is sufficient to generate long-term protection in most migrant
ESPID Education, Yves Fougère, 263108
Infectious diseases among refugee children at a tertiary care children's hospital in greece
ESPID Education, Foteini- Eleni Dasoula, 263109
Evaluation of immigrant children referred for a positive tst with an interferon gamma release assay (igra): a 4-year experience at a tuberculosis referral center.
ESPID Education, Angeliki Syngelou, 263110
Screening for infection in unaccompanied asylum seeking children - a clinical audit across two paediatric infectious disease clinics in london, uk.
ESPID Education, Mary Boullier, 263111
Overview of the congenital CMV epidemic
ESPID Education, Daniel Blázquez-Gamero, 263112
Treatment of CMV in pregnant woman, is there anything effective?
ESPID Education, Marianne Leruez-Ville, 263113
Neurodevelopmental outcome in children with congenital cmv infection asymptomatic at birth
ESPID Education, Stefania Bernardi, 263114
Maternal cytomegalovirus infection and negative amniotic fluid cmv-pcr: infant outcomes at 1 year of age.
ESPID Education, Daniel Blázquez-Gamero, 263115
Baseline brain magnetic resonance imaging (mri) for children with congenital cytomegalovirus (ccmv) - a retrospective analysis
ESPID Education, Luca Zombori, 263116
Immunogenicity and safety of mf59-adjuvanted quadrivalent influenza vaccine in children after revaccination
ESPID Education, Timo Vesikari, 268354
What is new in paediatric sepsis?
ESPID Education, Luregn J Schlapbach, 263074
Pathogen side of sepsis
ESPID Education, Juliane Wardenburg, 263075
Diagnostic accuracy of presepsin in infants younger than 3 months with fever without a source: preliminary data
ESPID Education, Luca Pierantoni, 263076
Microorganism profile & antimicrobial resistance pattern in neonatal sepsis over 6 years: experience from tertiary care hospital in india
ESPID Education, Srishti Goel, 263078
Human challenge models - Opportunities and limitations
ESPID Education, Andrew Pollard, 263080
The true risks of measles in the developed and developing world
ESPID Education, James Cherry, 263081
Longitudinal study of capsular group b protein-based vaccine antigens in carried meningococci in oxfordshire, uk, 1999 and 2014/15
ESPID Education, Charlene Rodrigues, 263082
Evaluation of vaccine safety during the first public sector introduction of typhoid conjugate vaccine, navi mumbai, india, 2018
ESPID Education, VIJAY YEWALE, 263083
Memory b cell responses in infants after reduced schedule (2+1) of 4cmenb vaccine
ESPID Education, Marta Valente Pinto, 263084
A phase 2, double-blind, randomized, multicenter trial to evaluate the safety and immunogenicity of 15-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (pcv15) compared to pcv13 in healthy infants
ESPID Education, Heather Platt, 263085
Breast milk infections - From the premie to the toddler?
ESPID Education, Andrew Prendergast, 263087
Oral amoxicillin/clavulanic acid in newborns: do we reach target levels?
ESPID Education, Florentina Keij, 263088
Antibody responses to primary and booster immunizations in infants born to women immunized with pertussis-containing vaccines in pregnancy versus unimmunized women: systematic review and meta-analysis
ESPID Education, Bahaa Abu Raya, 263090
Increase in Syria in PID listed for outbreak monitoring in emergencies
ESPID Education, Lana Meiqari, 263092
Systematic review of treatment and outcomes of children with multidrug-resistant TB
ESPID Education, Jay Achar, 263094
Migrant infections were a problem but not the cause of resurgence of measles epidemics in 2013-2014 in southern china
ESPID Education, Ka Chun Chong, 263095
Epidemiology of invasive group B streptococcal disease and maternal colonisation in a UK cohort of pregnant women and their infants
ESPID Education, Clara Carreras-Abad, 269831
Nature mortelle - The global burden of zoonotic infections
ESPID Education, Tatjana Županc, 263071
Pets as sources of infections
ESPID Education, Bruno Chomel, 263072
Ticking in the woods - New insights in tick-transmitted infections in Europe
ESPID Education, Franc Strle, 263073
Antibiotic Use in Europe: Any Difference?
ESPID Education, Bojana Beovie, 263067
Antibiotic use across Europe: ... call for action
ESPID Education, Maria Tsolia, 263068

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